Are There Any Conditions In Forming The Team?

To add a new questioParticipants to keep in mind the following criteria while forming a team. 1. All the 3 members must be from the same organization. 2. The cumulative age total of all the members should be 90 years or above. n go to app settings and press "Manage Questions" button.

What Is Maruti Suzuki Devils Circuit Corporate Challenge?

Maruti Suzuki Devils Circuit Corporate Challenge is the first-of-its-kind sports entertainment-based Corporate Challenge that will showcase the extreme capabilities of Shining India’s Corporate Professionals on a national platform. Designed as a team-based competition, Maruti Suzuki Devils Circuit Corporate Challenge is designed not only to push the physical abilities but also test the mental prowess of not individuals, but rather team as one cohesive & coordinated unit. In essence, Maruti Suzuki Devils Circuit Corporate Challenge entails a tough competition among teams with similar compositions, in terms of age & gender demographics, around a custom-designed race track littered with mentally challenging & physically demanding obstacles. And given the exciting, fast-paced & challenging format of the event, Maruti Suzuki Devils Circuit Corporate Challenge has been developed as a reality series showcasing the talents of Corporate India on Digital Platform.

What Is The Participation Process?

Shoot a 2 minute Video (Individually)

  1. In this 2 Minute Video – Do as many repetitions of the following work out in the right form – 5 Pull Up / 7 Push Ups /10 Squats
  2. DC Judges will qualify each video and shortlist a team of 3 members from a particular corporate.
  3. Following Documents from the HR will be required once shortlisted
    1. A Letter stating that all the 3 participants representing the organization are full time employees for more than 6 Months.
    2. Maruti Suzuki Devils Circuit Corporate Challenge T&C Document to be signed by the HR.

An Organization can send a maximum of 1 Team.

What Is The Selection Criteria?

The selection will be primarily based on the best combinations of the age and the total time taken to finish the workout by the 3 members of the corporate in the video submissions.

How Do I Register For The Competition?

Registration Fee – INR 20,000/- + 18% GST. Payment needs to be done within 1 week from being shortlisted to register, please go to the Register section of our website and fill in all the requisite details

What Are The Prizes?

The Winning Team will take home a cash prize of INR 6,00,000, the Runner Up Team will win a cash prize of INR 3,00,000 and the 3rd Positioned team gets INR 1,00,000. And the fastest participant from amongst the two finalist teams, will take home the Grand Prize – a brand new Maruti Suzuki Car


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