Maruti Suzuki Devils Circuit Corporate Challenge is the first-of-its-kind sports entertainment-based Corporate Challenge that will showcase the extreme capabilities of Shining India’s Corporate Professionals on a national platform. Designed as a team-based competition, Maruti Suzuki Devils Circuit Corporate Challenge is designed to push not only the physical abilities but also test the mental prowess of not individuals, but rather teams as one cohesive & coordinated unit. In essence, Maruti Suzuki Devils Circuit Corporate Challenge entails a tough competition among teams with similar compositions, in terms of age & gender demographics, around a custom-designed racetrack littered with mentally challenging & physically demanding obstacles. And given the exciting, fast-paced & challenging format of the event, Maruti Suzuki Devils Circuit Corporate Challenge has been developed as a Television property showcasing the talents of Corporate India on National Television.

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  • Shortlist 18 corporate organisations from around the country to nominate one team each to the inaugural season of the Maruti Suzuki Devils Circuit Corporate Challenge

  • Each Team to comprise 3 colleagues of either same or mixed gender

  • The Age Total of the 3 participants in each team must add upto 90 or more

  • Each participant must have been employed with the organisation they represent for atleast 6 months and must submit a valid Corporate ID along with an Aadhar card to confirm the DOB

  • In order to qualify, each team must submit a video nomination showing them doing the prescribed workout in a minimal amount of time. The Workout video can be seen HERE

  • Each team will be guaranteed at least 2 chances to qualify forward

  • The shoot will take place over a 4 day period in May 2019-20


An exciting, one-of-a-kind team-based competition format to encourage effective contribution from all team members. In fact, all activities will be designed to ensure participation from each of the team members through their individual performances. Through the course of this competition, the participants will accrue valuable points to ensure their team’s success & progress to the next stage and eventually to the finals.

As part of the selection process, each corporate organisation can nominate as many 3 member teams as they like. The criteria for team formation is that the 3 members must have been employed by the organisation they represent, for a minimum period of 6 months and their age total as on 1st January 2019 must add up to a minimum of 90 years. Each of these teams must register on our website and upload their training video (HERE) in the specified format. Our team of judges will follow 2 rounds of shortlisting to eventually identify 18 teams from across the country to participate in Season V of the Maruti Suzuki Devils Circuit Corporate Challenge.

These 18 teams shall be invited to Delhi on an all-expense paid trip for a 5-day competition tentatively scheduled for the middle of May 2019-20.


The 18 participating teams will be divided into 6 Groups of 3 each through a draw of lots. Each of these groups will playoff in a round robin format to accrue points for their teams. This process will be repeated to ensure each team has 2 opportunities at the very minimum of progressing through to the next round. After these 2 rounds, 10 teams shall stand eliminated and the top 8 teams shall progress through to the quarter finals. From there, semi finals and eventually the finals shall follow.

The winning team of the Finals shall be crowned The Fittest Corporate Team 2019-20 and the fittest Finalist shall be crowned The Fittest Corporate Finalist 2019-20.

The Winners and Runners Up teams shall be awarded a Cash prize and the Winning Finalist shall take home the all New Maruti Suzuki Swift car.